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This course prepares the medical coding student for detailed procedural coding in integumentary, musculoskeletal, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems. Additionally, this course prepares the student to use ICD-10 diagnostic codes as principal, primary, secondary, and tertiary medical necessity justification. This course also prepares students to competently select accurate HCPCS codes for supplies, medications, transportation, etc. Course Outcomes: 1. Identify and locate clinical information in patient charts which pertain to reimbursable data in all outpatient settings, and closely approximate the proper 2. Evaluation and Management code for reimbursement. 3. Demonstrate competency in procedural and diagnostic coding for the following systems: Integumentary; Respiratory; and Cardiovascular. 4. Demonstrate knowledge of Insurance, Billing and Coding Regulations. 5. Demonstrate accurate Diagnostic Coding. 6. Demonstrate accurate HCPCS Coding. 7. Demonstrate knowledge of CPT Coding Conventions.

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