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PBM 110 - Communication in Practical Business Management Public Deposited

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In this course students will develop oral and written communication skills that will allow a business professional to communicate effectively with customers, clients, and employees. Students will develop and deliver effective presentations using presentation software, learn negotiating skills, and practice extemporaneous speaking. Students will craft effective emails, product descriptions, resumes, and other business-related writing and oral communication skills. Students will practice skills needed to effectively apply and interview for jobs. Course Outcomes: 1. Communicate effectively in customer service situations and with vendors. 2. Concisely and professionally document agreements. 3. Deliver effective presentations that utilize charts or visual aids in presentation software. 4. Write effective text aimed at customers using a variety of formats (e.g. emails, blog posts, social media, and printed promotional material). 5. Write effective job application materials and employ effective oral communication in an interview.

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