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WR 122 - English Composition: Argumentation Public

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Emphasis will be the logical means of supporting claims in argumentative essays, thesis statements, and reasoning; including logic, style, and research. Course Outcomes: 1. Analyze the rhetorical needs (the needs of their audience in relationship to the assignment) for college-level persuasive writing assignments. 2. Apply appropriate levels of critical thinking strategies (knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation) in their written assignments, with an emphasis on analysis and evaluation/persuasion. 3. Implement appropriate rhetorical elements and organization (introduction, thesis, development and support, counter-argument, conclusion, etc.) in their written assignments, with an emphasis on standard argument models, particularly the Toulmin model. 4. Locate, evaluate, and integrate high-quality information and opinion appropriate for college-level analysis and argument assignments. 5. Craft sentences and paragraphs that communicate their ideas clearly and effectively using words, sentence patterns, and writing conventions at a high college level to make their writing clear, credible, and persuasive.

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