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WR 121 - English Composition Public Deposited

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This course covers processes and fundamentals of writing expository essays, including structure, organization and development, diction and style, revision and editing, and mechanics required for college-level writing. Course Outcomes: 1. Analyze the rhetorical needs (the needs of their audience in relationship to the assignment) for academically-oriented writing assignments requiring them to use a broad range of critical thinking strategies, particularly analysis and evaluation. 2. Apply appropriate levels of critical thinking strategies (knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation) in their written assignments. 3. Implement appropriate rhetorical elements and organization (introduction, thesis, development and support, definition, narration, comparison, conclusion, etc.) in their written assignments. 4. Locate, evaluate, and integrate high-quality information and opinion appropriate for college-level analytical and evaluation assignments. 5. Craft sentences and paragraphs that communicate their ideas clearly and effectively using words, sentence patterns, and writing conventions at a college level to make their writing clear, credible and persuasive.

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