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CMA 110 - Medical Office Communications


This Medical Office Communications course is designed to help prepare you to use effective communication in the medical setting. You will learn a variety of communication methods specific to the medical office. This course is designed to assist you in discovering applications of good communication skills, as well as provide elements of critical thinking. This course has 3 Credit Units that emphasize a variety of communication competencies. NOTE: This is a Communication class which inherently requires meaningful interaction with other people. As a student in this class, you will be required to regularly have other individuals assist you with assignments. Use the Credit Unit Syllabi found below to help you plan ahead so that as you prepare to take this course you have a pool of individuals available who are willing to help you complete Module assessments. Furthermore, although this is NOT a writing course, it is expected that you will write in a professional manner similar to the expectations when you are employed. This course requires APA style writing. For more information on this type of writing, the Purdue Online Writing Lab provides an excellent resource and can be found at the following link: OWL (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Web page) Write in complete sentences. Do not use abbreviations. (Example: Do not instead of don't) Use 12 point font - preferably New Times Roman or Arial Use a program and check your spelling and grammar before submission EVERY time. Course Outcomes: 1. Use language/verbal skills that enable patients' understanding. 2. Recognize communication barriers. 3. Advocate on behalf of patients. 4. Respond to nonverbal communication. 5. Apply active listening skills. 6. Use appropriate body language and other nonverbal skills in communicating with patient, family and staff. 7. Demonstrate awareness of the territorial boundaries of the person when communicating.

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