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Commuter - Mar. 15, 1971 - Volume 2, Edition 11 Público Deposited

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  • 2
  • 11
Contributor list
  • Editor-in-Chief - Jim Haynes News Editor - Nancy Bryan Editorial Editor - Jean Hammel Feature Editor - Harvey Scott Sports Editor - Roger Zippler Reporters - Barbara Dycus, Doug Bem, Caryl Stogsdill, Ellen Hillemann, Cathie Perkins, Beth Atkins, John Wheeler, Jim Hughes, Chris Broders Photography - Joe Tompkins, Doug Bem Advisor - Ken Cheney Campus Voices - Mona Kline, Harvey Scott, Doris Tafoya, Jim Pruept, Brenda Kinion Literary Supplement JJ - "War", "Fire", "What is a Child?" cmb - Untitled (x5), "Integer", "Friends" Jim Brick - "But Strangers", "Bird in the Bush", "How Intricate Were the Greeks", "Again the Swan" Jean Hammel - Untitled (x2), "Handful of Joy", "In The Distance", "Kind Suitor", "Let There Be....", "Insecurities", "Michael", "Misplaced Mountain" Elena - "Resurrection" BH - Untitled (x4), "Dalene" B.P.T. - Untitled (x3) Gloria - Untitled (x2) John R. Wheeler - Untitled (x2), "The Race" Paige Willows - "The Fall of the Watchers" Gary Keenan - Untitled (x1), "Requiem", "Seeker", "Since Someday", "Sadness" Mark Tschabald - Untitled (x1), "Friend" Faye Fryer - "Thine Aid to Victory" Jim - "What a Racket!" Marie Ross - "Fogbound" Roger Zippler - "Revision" Terry Crocker - "Shine Your Light on Me" Rosemary Kropf - Untitled (x1) HWT - "Disillusioned Spirit" Anonymous - "After Homecoming..."


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